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Questions mostly asked:

Question: Who is Erickque?

Answer: Erickque is an all around natural performer, currently residing in Austin Tx. Being the middle of 5 siblings he started music at age 11 with his eldest brother. After losing his brother in 2001 he took on music full time making him the person he is today. Each song has a part of him and a part of his life, if you'll just listen carefully that is where you can really get to know who Erickque is.

Question: What Genre of music is he associated with?

Answer: One of his biggest fears is being put inside of a box. That being said Erickque keeps an open mind allowing his Talent to be aimed in any direction his heart takes him.

Question: How did he get the name Erickque?

Answer: LOL! That's a question you'll have to ask him.

Question: What makes him different?

Answer: Erickque takes performing to a different level, by incorporating not only lyrics but as well as hot dance moves. You'll never know what his next show would be like, whether hes performing on top of a roof, or coming down a stairway seducing the ladies with smoke. He always leaves the audience entertained and wanting more. 

Question: What is he working on currently?

Answer: At this moment most of his attention is going towards his First Album "Transformation" which will be released 2017 around February. While you are waiting for the album he will be putting sneak peeks as well as music videos up so that you won't be kept too far in the dark lol.

Inner Scoop:

  • Transformation Mixtape Release Party January 29th 2017
  • Transformation Mixtape Released: February 10th 2017 
  • Hit singles "Famous" and "Sophisticated Sex" Ft. Eson Releases: January 1st 2017

 Single "Famous"

Inspired by everyday drama, and old childhood gossip Erickque takes his anger and feelings for a particular young lady and releases it all on this one track. He took the saying "Play with me" to an entirely different level when he felt the need to Make Brittany "Famous". I guess in the end there is only so much one person can take before lashing out whether on a track are in other ways. Well in the words of Erickque "I made you Famous Brittany"!!!!

Famous (Teaser).mp3


 Single "Sophisticated Sex" Ft. Eson

"Sophisticated Sex" is introduced as an Island, R&B single. Erickque and Eson delivers a seducing vibe that is pretty much safe to say"Dangerous" for the ladies to listen to if not single lol. The two performers will definitely become show stoppers once the Single is released and they take the stage by storm.

Sophisticated Sex (Teaser).mp3